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Restoration Examples

Thirty minutes of restoration transformed this tiny, faded old portrait into a striking enlargement. Cost: $15.00

Another example of minimal restoration producing a wonderful transformation. Cost: $15.00

This tiny, faded, and somewhat battered 65-year-old snapshot responded well to a modest amount of restoration. Cost: $20.00

This photo from the early 1940’s required less than an hour’s worth of restoration to repair cracks, adjust brightness and contrast, and remove dust and dirt. Cost: $25.00

Two hours of work were needed to repair cracks, remove dirt and dust, and otherwise restore this beautiful old portrait. Cost: $60.00

It took 2-1/2 hours to repair the tears and remove the dirt and stains from this lovely old photo. Cost: $75.00

Modest repair and major restoration of color: $80.00

Considerable work was needed to repair and reveal the image that was barely visible in this very badly faded old portrait. Cost: $90.00

Over 100 years old, this hand-painted enlargement of an even older photo required careful repair of numerous cracks, tears, and abrasions. Cost: $180.00

Stored for years with another photo on top of it, this faded and badly damaged 100-year-old image required extensive restoration. Cost: $200.00

This 16x20 hand-painted 19th century portrait was one of the more seriously deteriorated photos that I’ve been asked to restore.

Cost: $300