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Basic Enhancement
$2.00 / photo

The simple adjustment of color, brightness, contrast, and image sharpness, together with any desired cropping and/or enlargement, will vastly improve the appearance of almost every old photo.
$30.00 / hour
$1.50 each

Photos up to 8.5x11 inches are scanned at a resolution that will produce a file size of at least 30 mb (large enough to create a quality print of at least 9x13 inches). Larger photos can sometimes be scanned in two passes and stitched together ($5.00). If not, they must be digitally captured with a high resolution camera ($15.00).
$0.95 each

Our basic 3800 dpi slide scan produces a file size of 50 mb, enough to create prints up to 9x14 inches. We can also scan at higher (up to 6400 dpi) and lower resolutions, depending on your needs. All slide scans include basic color correction.
Film & Negatives
$1.50 to $20.00 each

Our high resolution film and negative scans produce file sizes from 50 to 400 mb, depending on your needs.
Movies & Video
Capture to hard drive

 8 & 16mm film  $0.12 / foot
 digital tape  $10.00 / hour
 VHS tape  $10.00 / hour
Transfer to

 DVD  $15.00
 DVD copies  $5.00 each
 MAMA Gold DVD  $7.00 each
 customer hard drive  no charge
Cassette Audio Tapes
$15.00 - $20.00, depending on length of tape.

Conversion to AIFF, ACC, or MP3 digital format; transfer to audio CD, hard drive, or digital player.
Basic Slideshow
$0.50 per scanned image

Up to 99 photos, set to the music of your choice. Fixed transition and slide duration.
Documentary Movie
$30.00 / hour

A custom movie consisting of photos, movie clips, and/or any other digital media, set to music and including, at your discretion, voice-over narration and/or custom Ken Burns style panning and zooming. Custom transition and slide duration.
$30.00 / hour

All photo family trees and charts are custom creations designed and printed in accordance with client specifications.
5x7:  $75;  copies  $15.00 each
7x10:  $95;  copies  $20.00 each

Price includes basic enhancement of 12 photos and inclusion of up to 36 names & dates. Additional names and dates at $0.50 per individual. (Custom size calendars are quoted individually.)
$30.00 / hour
Giclée Printing
Our prints are made on state-of-the-art Epson printers using Epson Signature Worthy photographic and fine art papers, including Ultra Premium Luster Paper, Exhibition Fiber Paper, Velvet Fine Art Paper, Hot Press Bright smooth matte paper, and Exhibition Canvas Glossy. Prices shown are for 5x7,  8x10,  11x14,  and  16x20.
Ultra Premium Luster
$2.95    $7.45    $15.95    $28.95
Exhibition Fiber, Velvet Fine Art, Hot Press Bright
$4.25    $8.95    $18.95    $37.95
Exhibition Canvas Gloss
$5.95    $11.95    $23.95    $47.95
Matting & Framing
Custom matting and Nielson metal framing are available at discount prices.